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CDs of Audio Sermon Series (not in box sets)

(Some 1,000 sermons, speeches, interviews, debates, etc., including
those series below by Rev. Angus Stewart, can be listened to
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Abraham, the Father of the Faithful
16 sermons on the life of Abraham (Gen. 12-25) emphasising his role as "the father of all them that believe" (Rom. 4:11) and dealing with the covenant, the promise, the land, faith, justification, Lot, Melchizedek, Ishmael, Abimelech, "The Burial of Sarah," "A Bride for Isaac," etc.  £12/set.

God's Covenant and the Golden Calf
9 sermons on Exodus 32-34 including treatments of Israel’s idolatry, Moses’ breaking the tables of stone, the faithfulness of the sons of Levi, Moses’ shining face and God’s revealing His glory. £7/set.

Gideon, Mighty Man of Valour
13 sermons on one of Israel’s greatest judges (Judg. 6-8). £10/set.

Saul, the King Israel Asked For
13 sermons on Israel’s first, and very foolish, king (I Sam. 8-15, 28, 31). £10/set.

David, the Man After God's Own Heart
11 sermons covering the period from Saul’s death to David’s establishment as king over all Israel in Jerusalem (II Sam. 1-7), setting forth David’s patient faith in God’s promises. These intriguing narratives also involve Ishbosheth, Abner, Asahel, Joab, Michal and Uzzah. £10/set.

Elijah, the Prophet of Fire
Perhaps the Old Testament’s most gripping character, these 14 sermons follow Elijah from his first, bold confrontation with Ahab to his ascension into heaven, including the showdown at Mt. Carmel and God’s still, small voice at Mt. Horeb (I Kings 16:29-II Kings 2:18). £12/set.

Jehoshaphat, the Ecumenical King
King Jehoshaphat fell into the sin of false ecumenism several times in various ways with three different kings of the apostate Northern Kingdom. These 8 sermons apply God’s ever-relevant Word to ecumenism and ecumenists today (II Chron. 17-20; II Kings 3). £7/set.

The City of God
4 sermons on Psalm 48 on the glory of Christ’s church. £3/set.

Isaiah's Vision of Christ's Glory
Isaiah 6 is the key to understanding the book of Isaiah. These 7 sermons explain God’s (and Christ’s!) transcendence and holiness, before considering Isaiah’s amazing call to preach, involving the outworking of eternal election and reprobation. £5/set.

Malachi, the Last Old Testament Prophet
13 sermons expounding the whole book of Malachi, covering God’s love and hatred, worship, the priesthood, marriage, offerings, Christian fellowship, etc. Titles include "The Messenger of the Covenant," "What Profit is there in Serving God?" and "The Coming of Elijah." £10/set.

Christ's High Priestly Prayer
In these 6 sermons on John 17, our Saviour prays for His own and not for the world, that His heavenly Father will keep, sanctify, unite and glorify us. £5/set.

Christ's Kingdom Not of This World
These 3 sermons on John 18:36-37 explain the nature of Christ’s spiritual kingdom and thus why Christians must not rebel against the civil authorities. £3/set.

Stephen, the First Christian Martyr
4 sermons on Acts 6-7 on Stephen, the deacon, disputer, apologist and martyr. £3/set.

Church Discipline, a Key of the Kingdom of Heaven
5 sermons on church discipline and excommunication (I Cor. 5), a subject little known and widely ignored, showing how "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." £4/set

Christian Singleness and Marriage
11 sermons on marriage and the goodness and danger of singleness, including "The Duty of Sex in Marriage," "Married to an Unbeliever" and "The Cares of Marriage" (I Cor. 7). £10/set.

Christian Love
13 sermons on I Corinthians 13, that famous chapter of the "greatest" of Christian graces. £10/set

The Election of the Church
These 3 sermons trace the church and all her blessings back to the fountain of God’s unconditional election (Eph. 1:3-4) and eternal love (Deut. 7:1-8). £3/set

Pastors, Gifts of the Ascended Christ
7 sermons on the office, work, purpose and goal of pastors, explaining how they preserve believers from false doctrine and promote the growth of the body (Eph. 4:11-16). £5/set

Pressing Toward the Mark
10 sermons on Philippians 3 calling us to Christian growth and progress. £8/set.

The Pre-Eminence of Christ
6 sermons on Colossians 1:15-20, setting forth Christ as "The Image of the Invisible God," "The Firstborn of Every Creature," "The Creator of All Things," "The Firstborn of the Dead," "The Possessor of All Fulness" and "The Reconciliation of All Things." £5/set.

Christ's Melchizedekian Priesthood
7 sermons on Hebrews 7 explaining the significance of Melchizedek for Christ’s priesthood and the new Messianic order and thus critiquing premillennialism and theonomy. £5/set.

The Tongue
6 sermons on James 3, including "The Untameable Tongue" and "The Double Tongue." £5/set.

The Woman and the Dragon
3 sermons on eschatology explaining the 1,260 days, the 42 months and the 3-1/2 times: "Two Signs in Heaven," "War in Heaven," and "The Woman in the Wilderness" (Rev. 12). £3/set.

God's Hammer
11 sermons on the Bible as God’s hammer, setting forth its glorious qualities and its relationship to tradition, the church, preaching and apologetics. Titles include "Scripture Twisting," "The Church, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth" and "What Does Your Faith Rest Upon?" £10/set.

The History of the Covenant
We are commanded, "Be ye mindful always of his covenant" (I Chron. 16:15). These 9 sermons trace the historical development of God’s one, everlasting covenant of grace from the covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David to the new covenant in Christ’s blood. £7/set

The Ark of the Covenant
Explains the significance of the ark and its role on the Day of Atonement, before following its journey from its entering Canaan (Josh. 3-4, 6) and its capture by the Philistines (I Sam. 4-6) until its placement in the temple. "Where is the Ark Today?" concludes the 10-sermon series. £8/set.

The Apostolic Office
The rapidly growing Charismatic movement presents itself as modern Spirit-filled Christianity. How do we answer the Charismatics? Are there apostles and miracle-workers today? What are apostles? These 7 sermons take us back to the beginnings of the NT church and the apostolic office (I Cor. 15:1-11; Acts 1:12-26; II Cor. 10-12). £5/set

The Office of Believer
6 sermons examining the role of Christians in the church as prophets, priests and kings (I Peter 2:9), including church discipline (Gal. 6:1-3; Matt. 18:15-18; II Cor. 2:6-11), "Christian Giving" (II Cor. 8) and "The Believer’s Responsibility for the Preaching" (Col. 4:17). £5/set

Reformed Courtship
4 sermons on whom and how single Christians are to court. £3/set.

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