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Baptism: Meaning, Mode & Subject

Baptism: Meaning, Mode & Subject
by Michael Kimmitt

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This excellent booklet presents the Reformed and Presbyterian position on baptism by setting forth the various passages of Scripture dealing with this important and controversial subject. It is essentially a detailed Bible study, though the writer has drawn on a number of commentators and theologians. After considering the meaning of baptism, the main part is a thorough examination of the texts relating to mode. Not one clear example of baptism by immersion is found in the New Testament. Indeed, the circumstances of text after text point to affusion or aspersion as the only possible way in which baptism could have been administered. This conclusion is strengthened by the fact that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is spoken of in terms of coming from above in pouring, and that affusions and aspersions are frequent in the Old Testament. Baptism: Meaning, Mode and Subjects concludes with a brief treatment of the covenant position of believers' children.

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