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Calvin's Calvinism
by John Calvin; translated by Henry Cole

Second Edition: God's Eternal Predestination and Secret Providence

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330 Pages
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Calvin's Calvinism, consisting chiefly of God's Eternal Predestination and Secret Providence, is, as the Genevan Reformer himself states, his fullest presentation of the absolute sovereignty of God—going beyond even its treatment in his Institutes. This volume also includes Calvin's A Brief Reply and Reply to the Slanderous Reports, responses to calumnies heaped upon Calvin, the Reformed churches and the truth of the Holy Scriptures by an enemy of God's almighty grace in Jesus Christ. These works by John Calvin were translated from the Latin by Henry Cole and first published in 1856. As its first edition, in 1987, the Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA) reprinted the Sovereign Grace Union's 1927 publication. This significantly revised second edition includes two fine historical introductions by Prof. Russell J. Dykstra. All lovers of Calvin and—far more importantly—all worshippers of the Triune God, who is Lord of heaven and earth, will be sure to value this new RFPA book.

As Calvin puts it, "God [has] the right and the power to have mercy on whom He will, and to harden whom He will, according to His own pleasure and purpose. The apostle therefore maintains that the right of hardening and of showing mercy is in the power of God alone, and that no law can be imposed on Him as a rule for His works, because no law or rule can be thought of better, greater, or more just, than His own will!"

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"Calvin's Calvinism is a great book on predestination. I would say Calvin is the greatest Bible teacher since the Apostle Paul." - Lincolnshire, England