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Christ's Spiritual Kingdom

Christ's Spiritual Kingdom
by David Engelsma

A Defense of Reformed Amillennialism

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158 Pages
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The subject of the book is eschatology-the biblical doctrine of the last things.  Originally this book was a series of editorials in the Standard Bearer magazine. These editorials can be read on-line.

"We amillennialists," writes Engelsma, "proclaim a gospel that declares the little flock of Christ, that will always have tribulation in the world and whose members are killed all the day long, to be not merely conquerors but 'more than conquerors' (Luke 12:32; John 16:33; Rom. 8:36-37). See, this is not pessimism. This is optimism. This is the hugest optimism. This is optimism without any hint of pessimism."

Christ's Spiritual Kingdom includes fine exegesis of Revelation 20, Matthew 24 and Isaiah 65:17-25, and refutes "Jewish Dreams" and preterism.

"[Christ's Spiritual Kingdom] breathes of the comfort and hope that the return of Christ brings to the believer ... It is well-written and timely in its refutation of the views of Christian Reconstructionism" (British Church Newspaper).

"Christ's Spiritual Kingdom saved me from a heresy. I thought theonomy was a good way of enforcing Christian morality in the world but in the end it's what Professor Engelsma said. It leads you to hope for this world, not the Lord's second coming. Besides, it's theologically wrong to require the civil laws of the covenant with Moses, which was abolished, in the New Testament world." - Brazil

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