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Covenant & Election in the Reformed TraditionCovenant and Election in the Reformed Tradition
by David J. Engelsma

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Covenant and election are two of the most prominent and most important truths in Scripture. They run through the Bible like two grand, harmonious themes in symphony. These two doctrines and their relation are the twofold subject of this book.

In Covenant and Election, Prof. Engelsma traces these themes in the confessional documents of the Reformed churches and from John Calvin in the sixteenth-century through the fathers of the Secession churches in the nineteenth-century Netherlands to the twentieth-century theologians Herman Bavinck and Herman Hoeksema. With his usual penetrating scriptural analysis, Engelsma also exposes the contemporary and spreading heresy of the Federal Vision.


"As I read Covenant and Election, I was stirred up in my soul to renewed vigour and opposition to the lie. You did a wonderful job elucidating the issue. I especially appreciated the chapters dealing with Christ as first in God's decree and the organic principle." - Washington, USA