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Federal Vision: Heresy at the RootFederal Vision: Heresy at the Root
by David J. Engelsma

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The contemporary heresy of the Federal Vision is wreaking havoc in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America and other parts of the world. Today’s Christian needs not only to be aware of it but armed against it. Prof. Engelsma helps us here by exposing the ugly root of the heresy (a conditional covenant), setting forth the truth of the unconditional covenant and proclaiming the Reformation’s gospel of salvation by grace alone!


Part 1: Eradicating the Federal Vision
1. Introduction to the Federal Vision Controversy
2. The Development of a Conditional Covenant
3. The Root of the Federal Vision
4. Taking Hold of the Root
5. The Gospel of the Reformation at Issue

Part 2: Answers to Questions About the Federal Vision and the Covenant of Grace
6. The Federal Vision, Its Doctrines, and Its Defenders
7. The Federal Vision and Conditions
8. The Federal Vision and Scripture
9. The Federal Vision and the Covenant with Adam
10. The Federal Vision and Common Grace
11. The Federal Vision and the Baptism Form
12. The Federal Vision and Covenant Children
13. The Federal Vision and Its Consequences
14. The Federal Vision and the Churches
15. The Federal Vision and the Protestant Reformed Churches
16. The Federal Vision and Defense of the Faith

Appendix: A critical review of the book Trust and Obey: Norman Shepherd and the Justification Controversy at Westminster Theological Seminary by Ian A. Hewitson.

"I just tore myself away from the [Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root] book I received from you this morning. So much said together between only two covers! This will really be the last say in my search for the bottom of this error (heresy!). The question/reply format in the second part really equips one to defend the faith. Excellent! Thank you ever so much." - South Africa

"Concise and hard-hitting." - North Carolina, USA

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