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The Meaning and Mode of Baptism

The Meaning and Mode of Baptism
by Jay E. Adams

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This is an excellent, little book, covering the key elements in the meaning and mode of baptism. What is the meaning of the Greek word baptizo? What are the baptisms in Hebrews 9:10 and how were these Old Testament ceremonial cleansings performed according to the Pentateuch? How was Christ baptized and what is the idea of His baptism? What was the mode of baptism with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost? What is baptism "into Christ"? Is it by immersion followed by emersion? Or is it (abiding) union with our Lord Jesus? The latter pages of Adam's fine book give additional support for his argument and clear up several objections.

This is a refreshing and convincing read especially because it is so biblical. You don't need a knowledge of the Greek classics in order to understand baptism! Instead, Adams gives us solid exegesis of God's Word, shedding fresh light on many passages. Heartily recommended!