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The Momentous Event

The Momentous Event
by W. J. Grier

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Grier proves conclusively from the teachings of Christ and the apostles that the Christian is to expect one personal, visible, sudden, glorious coming of the Lord Jesus, which will bring immediately one general judgment of all men, and usher in the eternal state!

"This little volume sets forth in orderly and eminently readable fashion what most Calvinistic teachers believer concerning 'the Second Advent and questions related thereto.' With orthodox Christians of every age, the author holds that our Lord's return will be personal, visible, sudden and unexpected, glorious and triumphant. Of three views styled respectively post-millennialism, pre-millennialism and non-millennialism, he advocates the last named as scriptural and shows that it has been maintained by a large majority of the Fathers and Reformers of the Church. In two valuable chapters dealing with the interpretation of prophecy, he points out that the literalist view leads logically to absurdities and is not adopted by the writers of the New Testament, who specifically state that many of the Old Testament predictions have been fulfilled, albeit in a spiritual sense ... A general consideration of N.T. teaching on the subject, is followed by a more detailed review of the doctrine of the Gospels, Epistles and Apocalypse, special attention being devoted to the significance of the 'millennium' of Revelation chapter 20. Here is a book that will well repay study by those who seek to understand truth that is basic to Christian faith and hope." (Peace and Truth).

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