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Reformed Education

Reformed Education
by David Engelsma

The Christian School as Demand of the Covenant

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In a tradition that goes back hundreds, even thousands, of years, godly parents in the churches of the Protestant Reformation establish and maintain Christian schools for the instruction of their children. This involves struggle and sacrifice. These parents willingly pay the price in the conviction that, as one of the Reformed confessions expresses it, good Christian schools are a "demand of the covenant."

Reformed Education is an explanation for the people of God of the fundamentals of Christian day-school education. The book demonstrates that the basis of the Christian school is God's covenant of grace with believers and their children. Treating such vital subjects as the place of Scripture and the creeds in the school, the biblical view of culture, the qualifications and calling of the Christian schoolteacher, and the goal of education, the author contends that the covenant of God controls and shapes all aspects of the Christian school.

In the course of this explanation, the book defends Christian schools against serious challenges - challenges as old as the claim that the state schools are adequate and challenges as new as the home-schooling movement.

This is the book to put in the hands of all believing parents. It will encourage those committed to Christian education. It will educate those who are doubtful. Christian schoolteachers will benefit from the book's description of their work: a divine calling to help in the rearing of the covenant child. Indeed, if the author is right in saying that all members of the church, whether parents or not, should support the Christian education of the children of believers as the church's own children, all can read the book with profit.

"[Reformed Education] is a return to the teaching of Scripture ... The final chapter on the goal of Reformed education is a gem in many ways" (The Outlook).

"Three essential aspects of the covenant are shown to apply to the way we view education—in it God gives us work to do—by it God gathers up the whole of His creation—and God establishes His covenant with believers and their [elect] children in the line of continued generations ... READ THIS BOOK!" (The Evangelical Presbyterian).

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