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Sin and Grace

Sin and Grace
by Henry Danhof & Herman Hoeksema

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Sin and Grace, originally published in Dutch in 1923, was written by two gifted young Christian Reformed ministers in the heat of controversy. It is a soul-stirring book. It is also groundbreaking on such central Reformed doctrines as grace, the antithesis, and the covenant and kingdom of God. The authors' treatment of these significant doctrines is fresh and lively. Henry Danhof and Herman Hoeksema were united in their determination to make a stand for the truth of sovereign, particular grace.

Sin and Grace emphasizes the Reformed doctrine of the antithesis. It demonstrates how the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God develop side-by-side throughout history. That is the point of the title. These two kingdoms, alike composed of human beings who together inhabit the same earth, from a spiritual point of view share no common ground. They develop in diametric opposition to each other-one out of the principle of sin, the other out of grace.

Common grace seeks to bridge the gap. The authors' treatment of this fatal error is one of the most enlightening elements of the book. They take dead aim at the doctrine of common grace, especially as it was developed by Dr. Abraham Kuyper. They demonstrate clearly from Scripture why common grace must be rejected.

The authors' development of the organic idea of the covenant and kingdom of God is significant. Grasping this biblical concept is critical to understanding Hoeksema's subsequent development of the doctrine of the covenant.

"Just finished reading Sin and Grace. Herman Hoeksema tackles the major issues and flaws of the theory of 'Common Grace' of theologian and politician, Dr. A. Kuyper. Very good read! Highly recommended for those who have a keen mind for theology." - Wales

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