Covenant Protestant Reformed Church
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A Spiritual House PreservedA Spiritual House Preserved
Calvin Kalsbeek, Editor

Various Authors

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752 Pages
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This is the encouraging story of a true church of Jesus Christ with very humble beginnings. The congregation of mostly poor farmers faced and survived many challenges, some due to her isolated location in a hook-like bend in the Grand River. But this one-hundredth anniversary book of Hope Protestant Reformed Church (PRC) in Michigan (1916-2016) is more than a record of Hope’s history. More importantly, it reveals the secrets of her continuance as a faithful church today: biblical and Reformed principles which, if heeded, give Hope and like-minded churches hope for tomorrow.

This centennial book traces Hope congregation's life from its earliest beginnings, through its various ministers (including George M. Ophoff and Herman Hanko) and periods without a minister, and via interviews with its members, etc. The official work of the consistory (including minutes of interest) and diaconate; preaching, Bible societies, catechizing and congregational worship; mission work in Lansing, Singapore and Myanmar; the establishment of three daughter churches (Faith PRC, Grandville PRC and Grace PRC); hosting young people's conventions; building projects; Christian education; and even memories of the 1956 tornado—all are treated in this volume. It is packed with photos, maps, letters, etc.