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The Triple Knowledge

The Triple Knowledge
by Herman Hoeksema

An exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism

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The author, being a strong preacher of God's sovereign grace and unconditional covenant of friendship, expounds the doctrines of Scripture in a warm and personal way so that the child of God who meditates upon these pages sees more and more how these glorious truths are, indeed, his "only comfort in life and death."

Some of the chapters in the first volume are:
The Viewpoint of the Heidelberger
The Contents of the Christian Comfort
The Depravity of the Race
Enmity Against God
The Justice of God's Wrath
The Necessity of Satisfaction
Salvation for Believers Only
Of the Holy Trinity
The Goal of God's Providence
The Effectual Saviour
Partakers of His Anointing
Without the Will of Man
The Death of the Son of God
Dead to Sin

Some of the chapters in the second volume are:
The Power of Christ's Resurrection
The Final Judgment
The Spirit of Christ
The Election of the Church
The Gathering of the Church
The "Millennium"
The Repudiation of All Works
Preaching in the Sphere of the Covenant
The Sacrament of Baptism in the Reformed Confessions
Different Views of the Covenant
Infant Baptism and Its Ground
The Symbolism of the Lord's Supper
The Fearful Error of the Romanists
Proper Partakers
The Key-power of Christian Discipline

Some of the chapters in the third volume are:
Soli Deo Gloria
The Old and the New Man
The Law and the Christian
God is a Jealous God
The Place of the Oath in the Kingdom
The Observance of the First Day
The Sword-power and the Sixth Commandment
The Covenant of Marriage
The Grace of Contentment
The Imperfect Perfect Christian
Addressing God as Our Father
The Prayer for the Kingdom
Prayer for Obedience and Submission
God's Sovereignty over Temptation

"... extensive English commentary on the major catechism of the Reformed churches ... in three volumes of approximately seven hundred pages each. It is a pleasure to welcome this significant work in its new format ... this commentary is a solid work of considerable merit ... during a recent vacation, I had the pleasure of reading all three volumes consecutively ... I am pleased that Hoeksema's commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism is now available again in its entirety. It is a work worthy of careful study and frequent consultation ... one will be stimulated and challenged by his views" (Calvin Theological Journal).

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