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Voice of Our Fathers

The Voice of Our Fathers
by Homer C. Hoeksema

An Exposition of the Canons of Dordrecht (2nd Edition)

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The great Synod of Dordrecht (1618-1619) resolved the Arminian controversy that raged in the Dutch Reformed churches at the end of the sixteenth century. The Canons of Dordrecht are the articles drawn up by the synod setting forth and defending the doctrines of sovereign grace (also called the five points of Calvinism) over against the Arminian heresies of free will, partial depravity, conditional election, resistible grace and universal, ineffectual atonement.

The Voice of Our Fathers is the best English commentary on this historic Reformed confession. An invaluable feature of the book is its introduction, which acquaints the reader with the history and the intrigues of the Arminians surrounding the Synod of Dordt.

In a day when the heart-warming, biblical truths taught in the Canons are being challenged in Reformed circles, this book will be a great service to any who are concerned to preserve the sovereignty of God's grace by establishing them more firmly in the faith.

A Scripture index is included.

"The reader will find here an illustration of how little the tactics of heretics have changed in the last three or four centuries ... Anyone who desires a clear analysis of the deep doctrinal cleavage between pure Calvinism and the Arminianism that has perverted so much of what still calls itself Reformed theology can perhaps find no better guide than this commentary" (Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly).

"Homer C. Hoeksema's The Voice of Our Fathers is the only thorough commentary on the Canons in English. The work includes corrections of the English translation of the Canons used by the Protestant Reformed Churches and other Reformed churches, from the original Latin. Examples are the wording of Canons III/IV:8 and the omission of an important line at the end of Canons III/IV:2. The book is also valuable for its historical introduction. The author gives an account of the historical occasion of the synod in the Arminian controversy, a brief description of the 'great synod' itself, and a reminder concerning the confessional status of the Canons as one of the creeds of Reformed churches. Two important appendixes give the semi-official history of the events leading up to the synod, and the opinions of the Arminian party on the five doctrines that we know as the 'Five Points of Calvinism,' or the 'doctrines of grace.' The semi-official history was published on the authority of the States General, the Prince of Orange, and the Synod of Dordt. It demonstrates the unscrupulous, deceptive behaviour of Arminius and his party from start to finish. Reading this history, no one will have any difficulty with President Bogerman's righteously angry dismissal finally of the Arminian party, 'You are dismissed. You began and ended with lies. Get out!' The only surprising thing is that he had as much patience as he did'' (Prof. David J. Engelsma, writing in a special edition of the Standard Bearer on the Synod of Dordt).

"I profited a great deal from Rev. Homer Hoeksema's The Voice of our Fathers, a commentary on the Canons of Dordt. I used the book both as a study of the five points of Calvinism and as a devotional tool. First, I would read the article from the Canons of Dordt making my own notes. Then I would read the appropriate chapter in The Voice of our Fathers (about 6 to 10 pages), which would expose my own inadequate understanding. My eyes were also opened to see that much of the modern evangelical church world accepts what is, in fact, false, and has been rejected by the church of the Reformation. This book should be read by all students of Christian doctrine very prayerfully and carefully" (Stephen Rushton, England).

"The Voice of our Fathers is an extremely valuable book. I actually am presently reading a copy which I purchased from a Christian bookstore in Sydney ... I am now going through it for a second time." - Australia

"Voice of Our Fathers is the only complete book (sure!) I can find about the Dortdrecht Canons. For me is a little difficult but I am sure that I will read all by the grace of God. Here there is the true faith." -  Rome, Italy

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