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The Wonder of Grace

The Wonder of Grace
by Herman Hoeksema

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"That we are saved by grace," Herman Hoeksema states, "touches upon the very heart of the gospel." Not surprisingly, then, salvation by grace has been the theme of the church's worship and sermons right from its beginning.

Proceeding from the truth that the source of salvation is God's sovereign, unchangeable and gracious election, the author demonstrates that all the other spiritual blessings of salvation are of grace. Salvation by grace is a wonderwork of the Almighty, an exclusively divine work in which man has no part and which does not depend on the work or will of man.

Chapters are devoted to reconciliation, union with Christ and regeneration by grace; calling, faith and justification by grace; conversion, sanctification and good works through grace; victory through grace, assurance through grace and glorification through grace. Salvation is by grace from beginning to end. Throughout, the author stresses that grace is a wonder.

Having been saved by grace and being new creatures in Christ Jesus by the almighty power of wondrous grace, “the sacred calling of believers … is to walk in good works,” thereby glorifying our heavenly Father. All of salvation is for “the glory of our wonderful God.” “For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever” (Rom. 11:36).

In a day when men glory in their own accomplishments, the truth that salvation is of God alone is unpopular. Noted theologian Herman Hoeksema brings a fresh, biblical approach to this doctrine. For the believing reader, this message of salvation by God's grace alone—from election, through reconciliation and regeneration, all the way through sanctification and suffering for Christ, to glorification—affords unspeakable comfort.

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