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Resources on Calvinism


All the materials on the CPRC website proceed from, and develop in various ways, the truth of our glorious sovereign Triune God. The resources listed below are ones especially relevant to the doctrines of grace (Calvinism).

(1) Calvinism vs. Arminianism Debate Video

(a  1-1/2 hour debate between Rev. Angus Stewart and Rev. Timothy Ramsey on Revelation TV)


(2) Audio Resources

(Click on a link below to listen to the audio immediately; the MP3 files can also be downloaded from our audio page)


The Most Avoided Chapter in the Bible

(1) Paul's Sorrow Over Unbelieving Israel  (Romans 9:1-5)
(2) They are not all Israel Which are Israel  (Romans 9:6-9)
(3) Jacob Elected and Esau Reprobated
  (Romans 9:9-13)
(4) God's Hatred of Esau
  (Romans 9:13)
(5) Is God's Election Unrighteous?
  (Romans 9:14-16)
(6) Is God's Reprobation Unrighteous?
  (Romans 9:17-18)
(7) The Ultimate Theodicy
  (Romans 9:19-24)

The New Birth

(1) The Necessity of the New Birth  (John 3:1-3)
(2) The Agent of the New Birth
  (John 3:4-7)
(3) The Sovereignty of the New Birth
  (John 3:8)
(4) The Revelation of the New Birth
  (John 3:9-13)

Christ's High Priestly Prayer

(1) Glorify Thy Son  (John 17:1-5)
(2) Christ Prays For His Own  (John 17:6-10)
(3) Father, Keep Them  (John 17:11-16)
(4) Father, Sanctify Them  (John 17:17-19)
(5) Father, Unite Them  (John 17:20-23)
(6) Father, Glorify Them  (John 17:24-26)

The Election of the Church

(1) Election, the Source of the Church  (Ephesians 1:3-4)
(2) Election, the Fountain of the Church's Blessings  (Ephesians 1:3-4)
(3) Election, Rooted in God’s Eternal Love for His Church
  (Deuteronomy 7:1-8)

Isaiah's Vision of Christ's Glory

(1) The Lord High and Lifted Up  (Isaiah 6:1)
(2) Holy, Holy, Holy!  (Isaiah 6:2-4)
(3) A Man of Unclean Lips!
  (Isaiah 6:5)
(4) Here Am I; Send Me!
  (Isaiah 6:6-8)
(5) Isaiah's Call to Preach (I)
  (Isaiah 6:9-10)
(6) Isaiah's Call to Preach (II)
  (Isaiah 6:9-10)
(7) Lord, How Long?
  (Isaiah 6:11-13)

Romans 8

(1) The Golden Chain of Salvation  (Romans 8:30-31)
(2) If God Be For Us ...  (Romans 8:31b-32)


God's Sovereignty 

God's Sovereign Love

Election and Reprobation

Total Depravity

Limited Atonement

Irresistible Grace

Perseverance of the Saints


(3) Written Resources

(The links under the 5 subsections below are to sections on the "Articles," "Books," "Covenant Reformed News," "Pamphlets" and "Quotes" pages of the CPRC website, which list resources on the doctrines of grace, Calvinism)


Covenant Reformed News




(4) Special Issues of the Standard Bearer


(5) Books


Sovereign Grace

God's Effectual Saving Desire

Uncommon Grace


(6) Texts (Wrongly) Cited in Support of Arminianism

Deuteronomy 10:17-18

II Kings 10:29-31

Psalm 145:9

Ezekiel 33:11

Matthew 5:44-45

Matthew 9:36

Matthew 18:23-35

Matthew 23:37

Luke 6:35

John 3:16

Romans 2:4-5

I Timothy 2:4

II Peter 3:9

I John 2:2

Revelation 3:20


(7) Canons of Dordt (the original Five Points of Calvinism)


(8) Related Resource Pages


(9) British Reformed Fellowship Conference Lectures


(10) Correspondence Course

A number of people have expressed interest in a correspondence course on Reformed doctrine (and especially the Five Points of Calvinism). There are many saints throughout the world who have become acquainted with the truths of the Reformed faith, but who are unable to find a church near them that preaches this truth soundly. There are also those who are hearing sound preaching from Sunday to Sunday, but who recognize that they could still benefit from having the fundamentals of the Reformed faith taught to them one at a time, with illustrations and tables that help them to see and grasp these truths. In addition, there are many parents who desire to have their older children instructed in the truths of the Reformed faith, at their level and in a personal way. This correspondence course was designed with you in mind.

The first set of lessons goes through the Five Points of Calvinism. This course is taught by Pastor James Laning of Hull Protestant Reformed Church, Hull, Iowa, USA. It is designed to provide some back-and-forth, personal instruction. The lessons are sent out one at a time. The reader then studies the lesson, fills out the worksheet, and e-mails the worksheet back, along with any added questions or comments. When the next lesson is sent out, a response to what was submitted will be attached. 

Click here, for more information on the Correspondence Course on Reformed Doctrine.

Click here, for Lesson 1: Salvation By Grace Alone.

To obtain another sample lesson, e-mail Rev. Laning.